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Case study: As a critical element of their overall marketing strategy, Ingersoll Cutting Tools brings customers into their Rockford, Illinois facility for seminars, training and product demonstrations. This hands-on approach to training has proven to be a lasting experience for participants because it takes place directly on the shop floor. Ingersoll Cutting Tools' Marketing Department wanted to give the environment more visual appeal so they contacted Colorwave Graphics for support in producing large graphic elements. The overall goal was to provide employees and visitors a showcase of Ingersoll product line hardware and associated applications.

80 ft. Partitioned Wall
Twenty 4' x 8' individual panel graphics make up the 80 foot wall in the west factory bay at Ingersoll Cutting Tools.

80' Free-standing Partitioned Wall "Yes, we can do that!"

Objective: Construct a removable wall to permit easy access to machines and equipment. In addition, graphically enhance the shop floor area for internal customer training sessions.

Project Description: Colorwave Graphics CEO, Mike Lombardo, teamed with Ingersoll Marketing Communications Manager Dave Szyp to brainstorm ways to accomplish the task. The graphic elements were created by Ingersoll's art department then uploaded to the Colorwave Graphics web site. The images were printed direct to a pressure sensitive vinyl, mounted to ultraboard substrate and over-laminated with a scratch resistant non-glare surface. The finished panels were then fit into a free-standing aluminum modular structure.
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Final Result: "This was a much more efficient solution than a more traditional stud wall. Colorwave Graphics worked with me to develop the idea and execute the job at lightning speed. The install was clean, easy and fast." - Dave Szyp, Marketing Communications Manager

Motorized Retractable Banners "Yes, we can do that!"

Objective: Simultaneously lower multiple graphics from ceiling truss with the intention of becoming a backdrop behind a large machine installation. The purpose is to limit distractions from daily manufacturing activities during times when customer training sessions are conducted on the shop floor.

Project Description: Six foot wide Steelflex motor driven canisters were operated by hand-held remote control to raise and lower the banners with a 49 second travel time duration. Each 17 foot banner was attached to a 24 inch clear leader at the top and a shade bar was installed at the bottom. The overall weight of each banner was approximately 120 lbs. (view photo gallery)

Final Result: "The final product provides a colorful and impressive display of Ingersoll products, while at the same time, it has met the objective by limiting distractions from daily manufacturing activities." - John Lombardo, Design Applications Director, Colorwave Graphics

Retractable Banners
Nine 17 foot retractable banners were installed behind the Bridgeport machine. Also visible in the foreground is a two-panel free-standing 8 foot partitioned wall.

Narthex Area Banner "Yes, we can do that!"

Narthax Banner
This 29 foot by 3 foot canvas banner was installed by the Colorwave Graphics team. It was completed in less than four hours in one of Ingersolls main traffic areas between two manufacturing facilities.

Objective: Present company logo graphic in Narthex entrance area. Size to fit indent in wall allowing space below for product display. Project Description: Colorwave Graphics printed the 29' x 3' logo graphic onto canvas then used an aluminum wall mount channel and tension clips to stretch the canvas tightly over the framework. A powder coated black aluminum finishing frame mounted over the canvas added the final touch.
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Final Result: "The level of service Colorwave Graphics provided was second to none." - Konrad Forman National Marketing Director, Ingersoll Cutting Tools.

Conveyor Skirt Graphic
Canvas conveyor skirt shown here is 50' x 3' and is visible on the right
through glass windows.

Conveyor Skirt Graphic "Yes, we can do that!"

Objective: Cover the lower portion of a conveyor system to hide metal framework and electrical wiring below belt line.

Project Description: A durable canvas material was used for this application. Velcro was stitch hemmed at the top of the canvas with adhesive back velcro attached to the conveyor. The other three sides of the canvas were hot knife sealed to present a finished edge.

Final Result: This graphic treatment enhances the aisle adjacent to the conveyor as incoming visitors view the work flow through glass windows as they enter the facility. The material used and method of application allows for quick and easy replacement without causing disruptions to the work area.



Mural Wall Graphic "Yes, we can do that!"

Cover the wall immediately inside the manufacturing area with the Defense, Automotive and Rail graphics.

Project Description: The graphic design files were uploaded to the Colorwave Graphics web site. Karry Kleemann, in charge of sales and customer support,  printed each image on a durable vinyl material that was 54 inches wide. On site, the murals were applied to a freshly painted wall. Colorwave Graphics team member, Heath Mashburn, then applies the vinyl slowly to eliminate wrinkles and air pocket from being trapped beneath the surface. A torch is used to heat the vinyl while burnishing the material onto the wall.

Final Result: Consistent with the other graphic elements, this colorful wall graphic catches the eye visitors as they enter the manufacturing area.
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Wall Murall
On the right is the permanent wall graphic and on the left is one of the modular AGAM wall panels.

Trade Show Display - Backlit Graphics "Yes, we can do that!"

In addition to the case study, Colorwave Graphics worked with Ingersoll to produce graphics for their trade show program throughout North America. The project includes back-lit graphics for Ingersoll's island kiosk displays, as well as full-wall mural graphics.

The accompanying photos illustrate the extent of the project at the TECMA exhibition in Mexico City.  Return to top

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