Motorized Retractable Ceiling Banners

Colorwave's new motorized retractable banner units provide a solution for a number applications not limited to:

Stage backdrops, video screens, window shades, concert events, product promotions, seminars, unveiling events, annual sales meetings, corporate programs, celebrations, special events, church auditoriums, stadium/arena banners, window displays, museum/gallery openings.

Standard canisters are available from 4 feet to 20 feet wide. Banner widths vary based on canister widths.

Units can be controlled in three manners. They can be operated manually from a traditional toggle switch or through the use of a touch-screen monitor. Automatically, through the use of a timer or remotely, via a local area network connection, either on-site or through a remote IP address.

Whether the units are controlled manually, automatically or via network, they can all be raised or lowered separately or any number of units can be operated simultaneously.

The video below shows a "network controlled" application being prepared and tested prior to shipment. First the banner is attached to the clear leader material, then power and network connections are established. Start & stop limits & travel time are defined and software control and banner operation is confirmed.

Click here to see a final installation example. For more information about this unique application e-mail: or toll free 877-988-6140.